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Welcome to Book Days

Our Mission

Bringing books to life to encourage a love of reading in children


Kassi Kincaid is the founder and program director of Book Days, a branch of the educational non-profit called Sensory Smart Solutions. As a former preschool administrator, Kassi experienced first hand the joys of children's literature and the importance of reading to kids and inspiring a love of literacy. 

Fueled by her love of children’s literature, in September 2018 began bringing to life books through theatrical performances and a variety of multi-sensory activities to encourage repetition and enlargement. These events were featured monthly highlights at the school.

In March 2019, Book Days got published in the peer-reviewed educational journal called Early Years, the first of several publications to follow. That same year, Kassi became a Texas registered trainer, adding professional development to the program In July 2020, Kassi launched a new sector of Book Days through a YouTube channel that pairs children’s books with real world experiences.

Over the years, the program has received recognition from corporations such as Whole Foods, Flex, and SeaWorld and has partnered with United Way of Greater Austin.

After four years of building the program, Book Days launched into a full time venture through the generous donation from an angel investor. The reach of the program continues to expand with book tours with Title 1 schools, new YouTube episodes every month, and professional development sessions around the world.


We are looking forward to spreading the love of reading to children locally and abroad! The best is yet to come!


Behind the Name


Book Days was created out of the idea to pair children's books with a simple classroom activity.

Once the program officially launched, the theatrical performance and five themed activities, would take the entire morning.


In the world of preschool, once you get to lunch time the day is practically over due to naps, then pick up time begins. The name, Book Days, not only was a simply explanation of the events of the day, but a phrase that was catchy for kids to remember.

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