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The World of Eric Carle

Tattle Tales by Eric Carle is a unique compilation of characters from. some. of the most beloved children's books. In this At Home Series episode, the very hungry caterpillar will make an appearance and be our inspiration for the STEM activitiy!

This STEM activity provides a both visual and kinesthetic learning. We are learning about the life cycle of a butterfly using food!

The first thing you will need is the printable found at this link:

Next, let your child color the printable.

Next, find any items in your house that resemble the four stages of the butterfly lifecycle:

1. Egg

2. Caterpillar

3. Chrysalis

4. Butterfly

Have your child place the various food items in the proper spaces on the printable as you walk them through the four life cycle stages.

Finally, let your children eat the snack items! :)

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