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The Important Book

The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown highlights the seemingly ordinary things of everyday life and puts them in a special light. In this At Home episode we are making our own important book featuring some things from the book, but also adding our own unique twist.

To create your own important book you will need:

1. 2-3 Sheets of copy paper

2. Yarn or string

3. Hole Puncher

4. Crayons

5. Scissors

Cut you copy paper in half to create identical pages. Stack them on top of each other. Make three to four hole punches on the side of your book. Tie yarn or string through the hole to create a binder. Next, write "My Important Book" with your crayons. In the pages of your book, draw a few of your favorite items from the book. Then draw some of your personal favorite things.

Feel free to make this book as big as you would like! To create a larger book simply add more pages before you tie the string. That way as you want to add more items later on, you have space for it!

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