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Runaway to Snack Time!

The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown is a tale of a little bunny who wants to run away from home but is pursued by his mother's outrageous love. In this At Home Series episode, story time meets snack time with the creation of an edible garden!

One of my favorite parts of Book Days are the themed snack. I believe it is one of the kids favorites as well! Snack equal joy and if you connect reading to fun your kids will hopefully continue seeing reading in a positive light.

Here are the things needed for this snack:

1. 1 Pack of pre-made chocolate pudding

2. A few baby carrots

3. Oreos (3)

4. 1 Small Clear Cup

5. A plastic spoon

6. A sandwich size Ziploc bag

Scoop the chocolate pudding into the clear cup. Set aside. Take your Oreos, and use your plastic spoon to scrape out the filling. Put the chocolate wafers in the Ziploc bag. Crush the Oreo wafers into fine pieces. Put Oreo crumbles on top of the chocolate pudding. Place the carrots in the chocolate pudding cup.

This snack provides multiple layers of texture. The pudding provides a sweet smooth texture. The Oreos add a course texture and the carrots provide a crunchy texture. It's okay if your children don't eat the carrots. They will probably just go for the pudding part. Half the fun of a themed snack is making it creative.

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