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Play with Harry, the Dirty Dog!

Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion is a whimsical story about a dog that escapes his bath, plays outside, and gets so dirty his owners don't recognize him! Will his owners figure out it is Harry? Find out with Book Day! In this At Home Series episode, story time meets sensory play with a dirty sensory bin!

Making a sensory bin is easy! You just need a few items!

1. A small box (Amazon boxes work well!)

2. The Harry printable at this link:

3. Dirt or soil

4. White and black crayon

5. Scissors

6. 1 White sheet of card stock and black sheet of card stock

How to create a Harry sensory bin:

Cut off the flaps of the box. Print the Harry printable on the white and black card stock sheets. Use your white crayon to color the spots on the dirty Harry. Use your black crayon to color the spots on clean Harry. Cut out the printables to match the book. Pour your dirt or soil into the box. Place clean and dirty Harry in the box. You now have a Harry sensory bin!

Let your children explore with this open ended activity!

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