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Don't Take a Piano to the Beach!

If You Ever Want to Take a Piano to the Beach, Don't by Elise Parsley is a story that revolves around the idea of taking a piano to the beach. How crazy is that! Your kids will be sure to enjoy this hilarious tale! In this At Home episode, we will be featuring a delicious beach snack!

Let's get started!

For this beach snack you will need:

1. 1 Small plastic cup

2. Pudding or yogurt

3. Graham crackers

4. Large Ziploc bag

5. Animal Crackers

6. Toothpick

7. Tape

8. Colored paper

9. Marker

10. Plastic spoon

11. Scissors

Start with putting the pudding or yogurt in the plastic cup. Next, place the graham crackers in the large Ziploc bag. Break up the crackers by pounding with your fist. This would also be a great thing to have your kids help you do! Once graham crackers resemble sand, pour on top of pudding. Then, place some animal crackers on top of the sand. To create a beach vibe, cut an umbrella out of your colored paper and draw lines on it to make it look like an beach umbrella. Tape it to the toothpick and place in the cup.

There you have it! A delightful beach inspired snack!

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