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Are You My Mother?

Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman is a story about a baby bird and her quest. for her mother. In this At Home Series episode, we will use the plot of the story to. put. our memory to the test with a STEM activity.

This STEM activity will be all about sorting! We will use the different props to sequence the plot of the book. You will need a few props for this activity.

1. Toy car

2. Toy cat

3. Toy dog

4. Toy cow

5. Toy chicken

6. Bird nest

7. Toy plane

8. Toy construction truck

Without looking at the book, walk through the story's plot with your child putting the objects, the baby bird visits, in order. This is a simple way to introduce the idea of sorting (a MATH concept) to your children! Children's books can be used in so many versatile ways for

child development!

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